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Quality Logging Insurance is a Necessity That is Hard to Come By

The forestry and logging industry is known for being ever-changing and increasingly volatile. Ordinary jobs often get taken for granted especially when it comes to buying insurance for the company and its workers. But, it’s a different case if your business involves cutting down trees to turn into logs, transporting them to turn them into lumber and clearing them for fire prevention. Logging companies have to deal with a variety of risks involving dangerous activities for their workers so it’s imperative that Alabama business owners invest in insurance for logging companies. Insurance Express is here to get your Alabama logging company covered! 

Insurance Express will assist you in finding the best insurance policy for your logging Workers Compensation, property/equipment, general liability, and trucking exposures. 

Who Needs Logging Insurance?

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Logging Insurance is for those who own companies that work on or around lumber yards such as:  

  • Deforesters 
  • Clear-cutter 
  • Sawmill 
  • Log Truck 
  • Lumber Yard 
  • Silvicultures 
  • Feller Brunches 
  • Slashers and Skidders 
  • Excavators 
  • Tree Trimmers 
  • Sand and Gravel Haulers 

What Risks Do the Logging Industries Face?

The Alabama logging industry thrives on hard work. And whether logging in a dense forest or hauling logs to the mill, it is an industry with many risks. The number one concern for logging companies is that when cutting down trees, they need to be careful that they don’t damage anyone else’s property, person or themselves. They need to make sure that when felling trees, they fall where they won’t hit people or buildings. Logging companies also face risks such as fire, theft, and vandalism. Sometimes, despite careful preparations, something goes wrong and this is where your Logging Insurance from Insurance Express kicks in. 

What Does Logging Insurance Cover?

The majority of logging and lumbering insurance policies cover primary risks such as fire, theft, and vandalism like stated above. You can, however, also elect additional insurance coverage lines that protect your logging company from hazards in property, crime, inland marine, environmental impairment, auto liability and accidental death and dismemberment. 

For example, an Alabama logging company may be asked to remove trees from one lot, but mistake the location and cut down trees in the wrong place, which your company will become liable for. Also, since loggers are working with heavy sawing equipment, the risk of employee injury is quite high. Harvesting equipment is often used for long hours and is particularly susceptible to overheating and oil leaks, which can cause fire and equipment damage. Specialty auto liability coverage is important too, as your logging company operates large, heavy vehicles while carrying full loads of logs on public roadways. Insurance Express can curate the logging insurance policy that is right for your Alabama logging company.  

Below you will see a full list of the logging insurance coverages we offer:  

  • Workers Compensation 
  • Payroll Management 
  • Professional Employer Organization 
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) 
  • General Liability 
  • Professional Liability 
  • Surety Bonds 
  • Commercial Auto 
  • Inland Marine 
  • USL&H Coverage 

For a Free Quote on Logging Insurance in Alabama or Mississippi, Contact Insurance Express

If your company is involved in the cutting, skidding, on-site processing, or loading of trees and logs onto trucks or skeleton cars, then you need logging insurance from Insurance Express, LCC. Alabama logging Companies face a unique set of obstacles when it comes to finding insurance. Often it can be hard to determine what logging insurance coverages will be right for your operations. Luckily, Insurance Express, LCC. has been providing insurance to Loggers and Lumberjacks since 1998. We proudly serve all of Alabama & Mississippi, with a primary focus on Choctaw, Washington, Marengo, Sumter and Clarke counties, including the cities of Gilbertown, Butler, Silas, Millry, Chatom.

If you’re ready to start a new friendship with an Alabama logging insurance agency that will put the interests of your business above profits, call Insurance Express today at (251) 843-2299. Or for a free online logging insurance quote, just fill out the "Request a Quote" form on our Contact Page. We can’t wait to get your business covered!

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